Answer Set Programming: with dlv and ASPIDE

- go to
- download dlv.x86-64-linux-elf-static.bin
- go to
- chose ".jar packages without installer" to download
- # mv dlv.x86-64-linux-elf-static.bin dlv
- # chmod a+rx dlv
- extract, it gives a folder ASPIDE
- go to ASPIDE
- # java -jar startAspide.jar
- internet connection is required here.
- it asks to install latest aspide, chose to install.
- it asks to install aspide add-ons. allow to install it.
- after installation, it asks for registration, register with your name and email.
- it sends a authentication code to mailbox and asks to input authentication code.
- provide authentication code and aspide starts...
- it asks for a project workspace path and then asks for path to dlv, provide them.
- now IDE of aspide opens... close it.
- now onwards aspide can be opened by # java -jar startAspide.jar
however, it needs internet to check updates etc. before starting IDE.
better to use # java -jar application/aspide/aspide.jar
- now IDE opens...
- create a new project
- create a new file : "DLV File with Arithmetic Expressions"
- write an asp program in the file and save it.
- to run the asp program, click Execute->Run.
- to make a query, click Execute->Query.
- query dialog opens, tick the checkbox "Epistemic Mode".
- type the query and suffix it with a question mark, then click "Execute".
- you may need to click "Run Configurations" and set path of dlv executable, if it asks: executable not found.
- enjoy.

Answer Set Programming: with clingo

- goto
- download clingo-4.4.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
- # tar -xvzf clingo-4.4.0-x86_64-linux.tar.gz
- goto clingo-4.4.0-x86_64-linux folder
- execute an asp program as # ./clingo -n 0 family.lp
- it prints all answer sets; enjoy.